Monday, November 7, 2011

HIS Radeon HD 5450

Cedar-based cores, GPU uses 292 million transistors and has 80 unified shaders, 8 texture mapping units and 4 render output units. In addition, these products are also still use the type of DDR2 memory with 64-bit bus. Even so, this product already supports DirectX 11.

In terms of interface, this product is quite complete with HDMI, DVI Port and VGA Port. There are interesting things in this product is the addition of 2 pieces of different panel bracket. As for terms of handling and service is still less than the maximum because it only consists of the manual book, installation guide and Driver CD.


HIS Radeon HD 5450
Hightech Information System Ltd
Cedar Pro (40 nm)
Interface Connector
PCI Express x16 2.1
Capacity of RAM
512 MB
Type of RAM
Memory Clock
800 MHz
Sales Package
Quick Installation Guide, CD Driver, manual book, 2 x shield panel
Memory Interface
Dual 400MHz
Configuration of Core
80 SP, 8 TMU, 4 ROP
Multi-video card
Yes, CrossFire
General Optimizations
Shader Model 5.0, HDR, ATI Avivo
DirectX and OpenGL Version
DirectX 11 / OpenGL 4.0
Max FSAA Mode